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Autumn Rapsody

There is something magic in autumn.

After the bright summer sunshine, sea breeze, caramel skin tone and vivid spirit, there comes calmness.

It sneaks in with the first cloud on a chilly morning, when the warm bed sheets hug you gently and the pillow whispers soft lullaby to stay.

Fresh air filling lungs, eyes caressed by warm golden colors of changing nature. First fallen leaf, clear scents, fiery sunsets rushing to end the day sooner, windy chills pushing you into the arms of softest blanket. Candle light evening inwrought with cinnamon and apple, ginger, honey and lemon scents.

Romance. Spirituality. Dreaming.

Rejecting falling into pre-winter depression over dark sky, cold, hectic routine instead of pleasant winter sleep like bears, I’ve firmly decided to fall in love with autumn and all its charms.

Independently from my heart being otherwise engaged in romance or not, autumn took its place there, year after year, sneaking in gently and warmly. Enlightening sun rays on foggy days, unfolding sweet scents and tastes within clear freshness of resting nature. Mild breeze caressing rosy cheeks. Tranquility of soul, playfulness of heart, vividness of inner growth, strength, will and hopes for resting bud to gather its best and flourish with the first sprint time rays.

Ready to walk the all known, yet always new road again.

Thank you, dearest autumn, for letting me breathe, grow, blossom.



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