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The story of Ego and an “average middle-aged” woman

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine was called an “average middle aged woman”. Can you guess why? Probably. Because she did not respond as expected to a guy hitting on her.

Apart from me liking her beautiful soul, an amazingly warm heart and brilliant intelligence, I find her a fine specimen of feminine homo sapiens. Before you think I might not be objective (I have recently stumbled upon a text saying that we can never be completely objective – including some very clear, plausible and logical examples), let me tell you that when we enter a room (or whatever space), men look at her. Women look at her. Both approach her, shower her with compliments and flirting. I’d say that is a pretty objective proof of her good looks.

So, what is it about human ego that makes us vulnerable to other people actions even if not intended against us? And how does this ego approve insulting others who do not nourish it as we wish they would? What can be done – on both sides?

Off course, I do not have an answer. I like observing and raising questions. However…

For myself, I am trying to figure out a way to become as resistant as humanly possible to both – unintentionally hurting people with fragile ego, and not allowing my own to get hurt.
Kindness, politeness and respectfulness on one side, and positive mantras on the other side. Plenty of space still left for learning and improvement  – one step towards it being this text of cognition.

Any thoughts/ideas of your own? 



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