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WORLD friends

Lovely summer dream of white beaches and turquoise freshness, dissolved by a soft cheek kiss and «Mama, volim te»… Apart from smiles of my co-workers, a text message arrives: «Ich liebe Dich». My sis 🙂 What a morning! Wings are already there, blissful happiness, perfect tranquility and crazy excitement. To do, to move, to create! To live! To love! To share!

Then, an e-mail starting with «Ja, so kenne ich meine Suni…» by a dear friend with whom I shared dreams and hopes 15 years ago. After 10 years of silence, sudden e-mail from me – asking for a favor – to bring together a love couple: her, from Dominican Republic to him in Spain. Mission impossible, everyone said. Nope, my friend managed it. Rapidly, easily, with pleasure. Just like that. For two people he never met – ’cause they were my friends.

And ever since, he keeps surprising me with unexpected e-mails, here and there. Just like today. Using each and every one of them to remind me of me – those 15 years ago. To awake and shake that bundle of dreams and hopes. To recognize the unstoppable me from 15 years ago in the person I am today. To underline it, to poke me with that recognition straight between the eyes. A friend without Facebok. A friend of whom I have not a single photo. Whom I never met ever since. Yet genuinely there – across the continent and seas.


And there are more. Truly blessed, thankful for the few that make my heart beat across the World – feeling home and loved everywhere. You know who you are, and you know how much I love and appreciate you. From here to eternity. Thank you.


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