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THE moment

Hello, my dear ones!

I’ve been away for a while. Figuring things out on my own for myself, willing to write, but not getting to it. Until today.

What you do not know about me is that I am in love with books. I am a person with vast, vivid, colorful imagination, a permanent dreamer. 24/7, music, pictures and movies are LIBRARY DECORATION IDEAS 8overflowing my mind, never mind me being at work, business meeting, taking a walk or talking to a friend – there is a parallel world living in my head at all times.

And books? They tend to streamline my endless power of imagination into foreign worlds, over the oceans, through space and time.. And I love the feeling of slight exhaustion after closing the last page. After returning from the travel, being back in my own body and in the place where it resides.

My books always choose me. And they do it always at the exact right moment. I buy them, get them, rent them.. the sometimes lay around for years. But, always, when the urge to sail into this world reaches me – the book finds me. The exact book, the exact topic, the exact journey I want to take towards my blissfulness and tranquility of the soul. At THE right moment.

Feeling a deep, perfectly combined, natural and easy connection between my body and soul after the book, whose last page I’ve just closed (after couple of breathless hours), here I am – sharing the moment with you.

What brings you into other dimensions and brings you back fulfilled and complete?



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