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Animal: homo sapiens

Hello dears!

My today’s topic is my tomcat Chip. He went wandering around the neighborhood yesterday and was brought back – all in blood!

Rush to the veterinarian (thank you, sis!) revealed: his upper palate broken into two. Reason: human kick!

I do not know if you are animal lovers or not, if you play with animals, or like them to stay away, but I am SURE that no normal person could attack brutally a weaker creature.

Can you imagine this little head (completely to fit into a humans palm) being aimed at and kicked with that intensity to break a body part in two?

All sorts of thing are going through my mind. For example: how does this person (obviously living somewhere pretty close to me) look like, what is he/she also capable of? Do I have a potential human bomb just around the corner?

Remember those real life and movie situations when they catch a molester or serial killer: “he seemed to be just an ordinary, quite neighbor..”

I am seriously pissed and deeply scared of the direction in which our homo sapiens community is moving. Is it really okay to hurt the innocent? Is it really okay if no one sees? Is it really okay to look aside when someone does?

Even animals take care of one another. When did we turn into cruelest animals on Earth? And how will it influence our existence? How does our society shape us? What can we, as individuals, really do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!



they killed to survive..


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