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Jumpstarting me


What jump-starts you best?

The one thing that always works with me is music. It can support any mood, deepen it, set me in the “right tone”.

After over a decade of formal music education, several instruments, singing and lovely growing up time, music has places itself into my deepest core. I hear it all the time, whether it actually plays outside or inside of me. It is my closes follower throughout all these years, in every imaginable moment.

Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who sings or even dances lightly when walking down the street as the tune in my mind leads me!

I’ve learned to embrace its variety (according to my mood), to open myself up and give in – diving into my own little world – still perfectly functioning towards the outside.

My final education path turned different, so did my professional conquering. Music, however, remains.

I have a melody for every person I’ve ever met, for every enjoyable or sad moment, situations, yearnings, spirituality. I’ll sometimes forget, hear a tone and be sent back to that exact moment – reliving it! I read that sense of smell has that power as well. Could be. Music is, however, my first love and choice.

Back to serious business now, singing and swinging in my mind.

May you swing through your day, too!



2 comments on “Jumpstarting me

  1. Chica
    May 28, 2013

    Oh i know exactly what you describe: every moment or situation is connect with some sound or tone or song… All these songs are memories (good or bad) and they can bring you in an other reality. I remember now our compilation cd’s “Sex on the beach I and II”… Driving to Makarska while we were speaking, joking and mostly singing…
    I use the words of ABBA a lot: “Thank you for the music, thanks for all the joy you’re bringing!”

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