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Autumn Rapsody

There is something magic in autumn. After the bright summer sunshine, sea breeze, caramel skin tone and vivid spirit, there comes calmness. It sneaks in with the first cloud on … Continue reading

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The story of Ego and an “average middle-aged” woman

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine was called an “average middle aged woman”. Can you guess why? Probably. Because she did not respond as expected to a guy … Continue reading

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A happy story of letting go (hopefully :-)

3 years is a decent period of time – things happen, change, people come and go, your home takes different shapes, you grow – raise and fall, get or lose … Continue reading

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WORLD friends

Lovely summer dream of white beaches and turquoise freshness, dissolved by a soft cheek kiss and «Mama, volim te»… Apart from smiles of my co-workers, a text message arrives: «Ich … Continue reading

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THE moment

Hello, my dear ones! I’ve been away for a while. Figuring things out on my own for myself, willing to write, but not getting to it. Until today. What you do … Continue reading

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Animal: homo sapiens

Hello dears! My today’s topic is my tomcat Chip. He went wandering around the neighborhood yesterday and was brought back – all in blood! Rush to the veterinarian (thank you, … Continue reading

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Jumpstarting me

Hola! What jump-starts you best? The one thing that always works with me is music. It can support any mood, deepen it, set me in the “right tone”. After over … Continue reading

May 28, 2013 · 2 Comments

Scoring a job interview

God day, good people! I have a job interview today. Actually, I had quite some of those in the past few months, so one could say I’m becoming a kind … Continue reading

May 27, 2013 · 4 Comments

What goes around, comes around!

Damn, it happened! Again! What a feeling! We all know about the good old: what goes around, comes around! And we tend to think of it is difficult situations. You … Continue reading

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Gym wisdom

Hello dears! Went to the gym yesterday (as announced), and there is this gorgeous trainer – friendly, good looking, in amazing shape. You guess? Gay. Sweating my last atom of … Continue reading

May 25, 2013 · 2 Comments